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Vinh Trieu Truong

January 7, 2008 ~ May 11, 2022 (age 14)


Vinh Trieu Truong, passed away on May 11, 2022. A celebration of his life will be held on Sunday May 15 2022 at 3:00pm to 6:00pm at Heritage Funeral Home. The burial will take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 10:00am at Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery.

Vinh was born on January 07 2008 to Chi Lap Truong and Myphuong Ngoc Tran at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. Vinh's father is in the military and the family relocated to Ft. Hood, Texas in 2012.

Vinh has been a Killeen Independent School District (KISD) student since kindergarten and is currently a freshman at Early College High School. Vinh is a straight A-student and is ranked top 14 percent in his class. He liked playing his favorite online video game called Valorant, where he competed online regularly. Vinh is also one of the top gamers who is ranking at top 4 percent with Valorant in the World and at top 40 with Aim Trainer. Vinh and his older sister Thanh were best of friends. Vinh, Thanh, and Huy loved learning and shared experiences through archery, swimming, cub scouts, rockets, camping, mine-craft, and roblox. Vinh idolized his older brother Huy. He enjoyed listening and discussing music and movies with his brother. He joined a mixed martial arts (MMA) studio with his brother where he bonded through boxing and grappling. He enjoyed eating his favorite foods with his siblings and friends at Raising Cane's and Papa John's Pizza. Vinh’s best friend Ireh Lee spent quality time playing basketball, online gaming, listening to music, and talking about shoes. Vinh smiles brightest when he is with his friends; his smile brings joy, warmth, and lights up everyone in the room. During summers he always looked forward to spending time with his Uncle Tho, Uncle Hanh, and all the family in California.

Vinh's name has a special significance, his grandfather Michael Truong picked this name for him, it means glory, honor and thriving. Hoa Tran, his grandfather is a grand master in Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts. Vinh Trieu Truong is survived by his parents; his brother Huy Truong; his sister Thanh Truong; his grandparents Hoa Nguyen, Hoa Tran, Hong Mai Ngo, May Truong, Michael Truong; his uncles Tho Tran, Hanh Tran, Songphi Tran, Nhan Truong, Jesse Rodriguez; his aunts Philong Tran, Jackylyn Nicolas, Phiyen Tran, and Mary Truong.


My Little Brother – written by Huy T. Truong 14 May 2022

Vinh Truong, 14, of Harker Heights, Texas, was my best friend and brother.

Vinh always had a lot to say on his mind even though he may seem quiet or introverted. You would just have to talk about his interests such as his video games, his favorite music, films, or just his type of humor to make him open up. Vinh has a unique type of subtle ironic humor. He will always make me laugh with his style of jokes that I guess only some people can understand. Irony to the extent where you can't tell if he is being serious or not. Our humor was very similar and something only me and his friends would understand.

He would always listen to 60-70s music, his favorite artist/albums were Bob Dylan/Blonde on Blonde, Talking Heads/Fear of Music (always skip the 1st track he would say) and The Doors/Self-Titled.

We would also talk about Krautrock music such as Popol Vuh, Brian Eno, Faust, and Klaus Schulze, who also recently died.

Vinh would also listen to Kanye, as irony at first, it was our little joke. We thought, who would wake up one day and listen to Kanye West seriously? Since he is so mainstream, we thought it was funny. But at the same time, we did really like his music unironically. Vinh's favorite Kanye album is the College Dropout, he said after watching Kanye's documentary, this album has the most motivational meaning out of all his albums. Kanye's story was about chasing his passion no matter how much people put him down or called him crazy or stupid, which is what he may have related too.

Vinh would also listen to a lot of classical music. He would listen to Beethoven’s 9th symphony in D Minor, Mozart/Amadeus, and Bach/Mass in B Minor. It was also a little ironic in a way. Vinh would show me one of Bach's songs and say, "you never heard a beat like this" and I would start laughing while he would continue talking about Bach with the straightest and most serious face ever.

Vinh would also say he likes J-pop, which this time there really was no irony in compared to his other tastes in music. This is the only type of music I never got into and have very little knowledge above. He would always listen to the Evangelion soundtrack (his favorite piece of media), Taeko Ohnuki, Anri, and Miki Matsubara. I would always make fun of him for listening to J-pop saying it's weeb (people obsessed with Japanese) behavior.

And Vinh would always tell me he hated my taste in music (post-punk, synth pop, dance, dream pop) and we would just make little jab jokes about each other's music taste. Vinh would tell me he always despised any sort of punk music, and I would always joke with him telling him The Doors were one of the influences of punk music.

Vinh, me, and everyone who knew him would all joke about conspiracy theories. Vinh would always joke about conspiracies in music or films. This is probably not the forum for details. Vinh’s best friend, Ireh Lee, is a devout Christian who influenced Vinh’s interest in Christianity. Amongst ourselves we certainly had a type of humor that we all enjoyed, but we never really took these taboo conspiracy jokes seriously.

We would also joke about rap. Me and Vinh never really liked rap (which is also why listening to Kanye was irony in its own way) and just took the genre as a joke. We would usually joke about the rapper Viper of Houston TX or Spaceghostpurrp.

I would always think Vinh's music taste is funny since it is out of place for a 14-year-old of this generation to listen to Bob Dylan and Beethoven. And we would talk about a lot of other music too, these were just his favorites. Music really did bring us together and started so many conversations with him, he was the one who got me into classical music, which at school I would always use as a conversation starter and always mention my brother, and everyone thought he was a cool dude even they didn't necessarily talk to him but just heard about him from me.

Out of nowhere though, the month of Vinh's passing. Vinh would tell me he would rather just listen too nothing and all music but classical, J-pop (said he pretty much stopped listening to 60-70s), the evangelion soundtrack, and just silence

is the only music he would listen too.

I have Vinh's topsters (image collages of favorite albums), but do not know which one would be his most recent or main one... To make matters simple I will just mention his music taste of 2022/21, which will also include 60-70s.

Vinh was also into a lot of anime and some films. He would always tell me Neon Genesis Evangelion is the best piece of media of all time. The series has a show and multiple movies, and it is about a 14-year-old boy who is pressured to pilot a huge robot to fight monsters invading the world, or else everything will be destroyed. But during the show, no one really checks on the boy mentally or spends time with him as a friend, only putting more pressure and stress on him. Which I guess is what Vinh is relating too. I did watch Neon Genesis, but only had a vague understanding of it, but Vinh

would say there is so much more meaning and philosophy in it, but I just never got that deep into it like he did. I feel the need to understand and rewatch all Evangelion media since he would always tell me it's his favorite and the best series of all time.

His other favorite anime would include the comedy The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Akira, K-On, Sword Art Online, Steins Gate, NHK, and Nichijou.

Vinh would also love this strange 80s film with little dialogue called Angel's Egg. It was this strange film where every frame seemed like it can be a wallpaper where a girl protects an egg like it's her life, just for it to break and realize there is nothing in it. Vinh wrote about this film and would say that the egg represented hope and the motivation to live, the girl would discover that her hope and motivation to live was all false. I had no understanding of this film before Vinh's passing, but now I am starting to slowly understand with the help of his writing.

Vinh would also talk about 50s-60s films by Alfred Hitchcock, the director who made Psycho and Vertigo. But never talked about the films and I don't even know which films or if he watched the films at all. I just wish I could talk more about films with him.

And Vinh's biggest passion in life would be playing video games. He always told me he would want to become a professional player. He was top 4% in this game called Valorant and top 26 in this aim trainer, Kovaak, professional players use. Everyone discouraged Vinh to stop playing video games, even I did, I would always tell him he needs to find a more interests and hobbies, maybe make music, and everyone else would keep telling him to focus on school more even though he made all A's. Vinh was very passionate about playing video games competitively, but I just never

had deep/meaningful conversations with him about video games. I just wish I told him how good he is doing and how proud I am, which I never did. When I got into his computer, the only things I found was about his video games and some music, and nothing else. He would also have the strictest training routine for his game and would always make fun of me for having no routine to draw or make music. Vinh did have a very good work ethic, he worked really hard to be good at his game, and he was, if he were still alive, he definitely could have achieved his dream of making a living off playing competitively. Vinh would also play games such as CSGO and Quake 2. Quake 2 was a very funny game, since I remember there were only about 10 active players, and they were all 60-80 years old. They all talked in an outdated

manner, but could still beat anyone's ass. And Vinh was the only 14-year-old in a game full of 60s-year-old, which I always found funny. I guess none of us took his passion for video games seriously at the moment, until now.

Fun fact about the game is that Vinh played "solo" in his Valorant career. Valorant is a team game, you usually have a team to play with competitively or you can play "solo" with a random team each match. Usually to get up in ranks, you have to play with a team, but Vinh would always play "solo" and still was able to get top 4%. Vinh would also tell me he would play one of the hardest characters to play, "Sova", where this character has to memorize every single angle on each map to be played effectively. I would remember Vinh having a routine where he would have to memorize the exact frame, position, angle, and timing to be able to play this character, one of the hardest to master. Vinh would also play another character he would always say is objectively one of the worst characters to play, meaning it was harder to play than other characters. Ironically, Ireh would play the objectively best character in the game, the easiest character, but was still leagues worse than Vinh.  So interestingly, Vinh would be playing Valorant with disadvantages such as

his age (14), playing "solo" and playing lower tiered characters.

Vinh would talk a little about some clothes too. He would always mention Red Octobers by Kanye and Jordans. Me and Vinh had opposite tastes in clothes, and we would always make fun of each other's tastes in clothes. Vinh would

talk about clothes with Ireh Lee and Riku Theos sometimes. He always said he hated logos or graphics on shirts/hoodies I believed. Other than the little we talked about clothes; he would say he didn't really care for clothes that much.

Vinh would also have a very funny obsession with fast food. I would always joke with him about it. His favorite place to eat was Raising Canes. We would always ask for the "Caniac Combo and replace the coleslaw with toast." And I

always knew it was a stress reliever for him but didn't really pay much mind to it. While everyone else just thought he was being spoiled or childish. Me, Vinh, and everyone who knew him would always joke with him about the food. It was something small that brought us together. The last thing I sent him on my phone was a meme about raising canes that he never replied too or probably saw.

Vinh never really talked to anyone. I talked to Vinh the most. His best friend is Ireh Lee, who went to middle school with Vinh but moved to Austin while Vinh continued 9th grade without him. Vinh and Ireh would always talk about their game Valorant, and Ireh was really bad at the game while Vinh was close to being considered a professional, their big differences in skillsets made their interactions and moments very funny, despite that they still got along. Vinh would hang out with my friends too, he would hang out with Eliah Fernandez and Riku Theos. He always told me he never really wanted to talk to anyone at school, but when I went to his school campus, everyone mistook me as Vinh and approached me in a friendly manner, so hopefully Vinh was the type of person everyone liked but I guess he never opened up to anyone.

List of all music I can remember we talk about, I think he likes, not 100% sure

- The Residents

- Duster

- Captin Beefheart & His Magic Band

- Bob Dylan

- Talking Heads

- The Doors

- Velvet Underground

- Nico

- Faust

- Klaus Schulze

- The Pop Group

- Big Black

- King Crimson

- Shiro Sagisu (evangelion soundtrack)

- Popol Vuh

- Jimi Hendrix

- Pixies

- Yes

- Anri

- "Any J-pop is good"

- Kanye

- Franz Schubert

- Beethoven

- Richard Wagner

- Bach

- Mozart

- Vivaldi

Not Sure if he likes or not, but talked about them

- Frank Zappa

- Bruce Springsteen

- Panchiko

- Portishead

- Massive Attack

- the song Ave Maria (the last music I showed him)

Music I know he doesn't like

- The Beatles

- Beach Boys

- David Bowie

- Rap

- Any sort of punk or post punk

- Any sort of "goth"

- Anything too "electronic"

- Any sort of New Wave

- All waves of Emo

- Any drum & bass / breakcore

- Any sort of metal/screamo

Music I like but he always said he dislikes

- The Cure

- Siouxsie & Banshee

- Depeche Mode

- Madonna

- New Order

- Black Midi

- Vangelis

- 808 State

- Strawberry Switchblade

- Boards of Canada

- Janet Jackson

- Kero Kero

- Joy Division

- The Avalanches

- Cocteau Twins

- mbv

- Daft Punk

- The Chemical Brothers

- Model 500

- Nine Inch Nails

- Marilyn Manson

- Whitney Houston

- Sweet Trip

- Christoph De Babalon

- Sisters of Mercy

- Xiu Xiu

- Skinny Puppy

- Beach House

- American Football






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Celebration of Life
May 15, 2022

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Heritage Funeral Home
425 E. Central Texas Expy
Harker Heights, TX 76548

May 17, 2022

10:00 AM
Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery (Killeen)

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